Your Property Our Privilege

When choosing the right Estate Agent to sell your home here are a few things to consider.

You can’t beat word of mouth, so ask family, friends and neighbours who have moved recently about their experiences and recommendations of estate agents.

Online marketing is of paramount importance. Find out which websites are used and the way your property will be advertised. Research has shown that good professional looking photographs and coloured floor plans are a must. Many potential buyers indicate that they will not look further if a floor plan is not available. Don’t take our word for it check on to see which estate agents are selling properties and which are not.

The sold boards outside properties are a good indication of which agents are doing well and which are not. Do you recall when you last noticed a SOLD board of that certain estate agent and if not why not.

Go into the estate agents office. Is the office in a prominent location which is easily found by potential purchasers? How would your home be presented in the window? Is it just one exterior photograph or an attractive display with interior and exterior photographs and floor plans. Is there sufficient space so your home is always in the window not just for the first week. Ask to look at the property details and would you be suitably impressed if your home was marketed in such a way.

Once you have created a shortlist invite the estate agents to carry out a valuation. Please be aware that certain companies have a policy of over valuing properties just to gain the instruction and then asking for price reduction after price reduction. With a falling market this can cause financial loss so always ask the agent to show you what THEY have sold in the local area which is comparable.

Will your property be marketed from just a handful of offices or nationwide? Are there financial incentives for the other offices to sell your home? If not why is there not any incentive for the other office or agent?

Who will be showing your home to potential purchasers? Is it the person who valued your home or somebody else? Have they experience? How long have they worked in the local area? Do you feel comfortable with them being in your home?

Negotiate with each agent to get the best commission rate you can, but remember that the lowest rate doesn’t always mean the best service. Do I have to pay any registration fees? With such an important transaction, check exactly what they are providing for their fee and look for value.

Good communication once a sale has been agreed is so very important and is key to ensuring the sale goes as smoothly as possible.

Go with your gut feeling. If you trust them and think you could work well together, only then consider instructing them. If you have any doubts, avoid getting into a relationship with them, as it will only create problems further down the line. Remember, you will need to work together and feel you can trust each other.